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I ran into my childhood friend who has now become a famous slut in my hometown and ended up cumming 12 times over three days and three nights. MIDV-715


Overview: When I met my childhood friend "Arina" after a long time,she had changed into a slutty gal! Her flashy hair color and exposed skin made me flustered! I couldn't help taking pictures of her in the bath and peeking at her masturbating,but I was found innocent of the sex! Arina has a strong libido and I was made to cum over and over for three days,living a life of sexual prowess! I fucked her hard from behind while she was in the bath,gave her a blowjob and handjob while hiding from her mother,straddled her with her beautiful legs and pounded her in the cowgirl position,and had sex with her repeatedly while her parents were out! She was cute and erotic,and no matter how many times she came,she came right back! The best memories of her taking 12 loads of sperm in just three days...!

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