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  1. Fill in the franchisee form and remember to select the right currency and fill in email.
  2. Once you've signed up,sign in from the"Franchisee Marketing Login".
  3. After login, be sure to fill in account information, or the site will not be able to transfer money to you!
  4. Start promoting!
There is an ad picture in the "promotion link"(directly copy the code and post on your website) or start promotion by using your exclusive marketing website address in "marketing management".
Join the strongest brand!Site Features
1. New video daily, synchronized Japan.
2. We have videos with chinsese subtitle, uncensored videos and latest videos.
3. Mobile Phone,Tablet And PC Are Suitable!With the most convenient to watch videos.
4. Wide bandwidth, good service, stable quality.
5. Privacy guaranteed absolutely,you can relieved.
6. There are online real people live cam, chat + watch, all you can have.
Franchisee Benefits
1. Do not spend money and you can become a franchisee.
2. Zero cost and without pre-investment.You don't have to prepare place,equipment and manpower.
3. All services provided by our site.Do not write any code, no relevant experience.
4. The highest sharing profit, monthly checkout, transparent accounting.
How does it work after franchisee?
1. Become a franchisee, you will get a set of exclusive marketing address.Just promote your exclusive URL on the internet and it is easy and quick.
2. As long as the members registered via your marketing address,the system will be recorded .They become your permanent members.
3. Your members no matter when and where to consume, all is your bonus!We aren't like other websites, it can gain first amount of consumption.Members spend 100 times to give you bonuses 100 times.
4. Complete reporting system, you can login to check the account.Account details are transparent absolutely.
Commission And Checkout Time
Monthly checkout to pay you the sharing revenue (after deduction of cash flow fees).The higher performance, the higher commissions.
*If commission amount is up to U.S.$ 100, you can exchange for commission(the remittance fee must be deducted from the commission). If the commission is not up to this threshold, it will be accumulated to next time. The accumulated time will not exceed 3 periods.
Monthly Sales Less than 100,000 100,000~150,000 150,000~300,000 300,000~600,000 More than 600,000
Split Ratio 25% 30% 35% 40% Personal Contact
Checkout on the 15th day of next month and remittance on the 25th day!

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