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In the boring countryside,I kill time by getting the neighbors to erect with a drool-filled French kiss,and making them cum over and over again in a sweaty,intimate French kiss position... MIDV-700


Overview: Reina came to the countryside to earn college credits,but she was bored and spent her days masturbating. Feeling more horny,Reina whispers to the country man and gets him to get an erection with a French kiss! "Hey,uncle... stick out your tongue more..." Sweaty,they have an intense kissing sex session,entwining their tongues! Not satisfied,they exchange saliva and give each other deep kisses in cowgirl position,and sticky licking and handjobs,never letting go of their tongues no matter how many times he ejaculates! "Lick lick..." "Slurp..." "Slurp..." The pleasure of being teased in a French kissing position while hugging him! In the suffocating heat,obscene sounds of water ring out...!

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